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Unbridle your spirit.

Join our community of diverse boarders.

We are accepting new boarders. Explore the world of equine excellence at Spirit Horse Stables conveniently located just 5 minutes west of Morinville and 15 minutes from St. Albert and Edmonton. Our modern facilities, expert coaches, and vibrant community create the perfect environment for both riders and horses to thrive. Join us in discovering the true essence of equestrian connection and growth.

Our Services

Horse Board Near Edmonton

Indoor & Outdoor Board

Experience tailored boarding options at Spirit Horse Stables, where our indoor facilities provide a cozy haven for your horse during inclement weather, ensuring year-round comfort. Our outdoor boarding areas offer spacious paddocks where horses can roam freely in the embrace of nature, promoting their well-being and vitality.

Heated Indoor
Arena & Barn

Elevate your riding experience in our heated indoor arena at Spirit Horse Stables, where the thrill of equestrian pursuits meets the comfort of a controlled environment. Ride, train, and bond with your horse all year round, regardless of the weather, as you indulge in the joy of horsemanship without compromise.


Unleash your equestrian aspirations with our horse riding lessons at Spirit Horse Stables. Guided by skilled instructors, our lessons blend technique and connection, fostering a harmonious partnership between rider and horse that extends beyond the arena.

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