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Designed for both horse and rider excellence.


Heated Barn

  • Large, airy and well ventilated.

  • 10 x 10 or 12 x 12 rubber floor matting and stalls bedded on shavings are cleaned daily.

  • Grooming and tack stalls.

  • Wash rack.

  • Individual lockers.

  • Washroom and coffee room with fridge and microwave.

Indoor Riding Arena

  • Footing is comprised of washed sand and shavings with calcium chloride added to footing to control dust.

  • Large heated indoor arena harrowed daily and is bright and well ventilated.

  • Wide variety of show jumps including various fillers and trays that ensures that the horses get to see everything available for client use.


Outdoor Riding Arenas

  • Large outdoor dressage arena.

  • Large outdoor jumping ring.

  • Large grass eventing area.

  • Trail riding with picturesque landscapes including bridges and serene water features.

  • Trailer storage.

Everything Else

  • Individual feed and supplement programs for each horse.

  • Premium quality hay.

  • All horses receive daily turnout and if necessary, blanketing.

  • Medical and quarantine stabling.

  • Mandatory vaccination program to safeguard horse health.

  • Access to veterinary and farrier services on a routine and emergency basis.

  • Outdoor pasture board with shelter.

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