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Boarding Information

Experience tailored boarding options at Spirit Horse Stables, where our indoor facilities provide a cozy haven for your horse during inclement weather, ensuring year-round comfort. Our outdoor boarding areas offer spacious paddocks where horses can roam freely in the embrace of nature, promoting their well-being and vitality.

Indoor Board

Box Stall: $750 +GST per month

Outdoor Board

Pasture: $400 +GST per month

Small Group (up to 5 horses): $500 +GST per month

Private Paddock: $550 +GST per month

All monthly fees include:

Quality Feeding Program

Pasture: summer months may be supplemented with hay depending on the condition of the grass. Winter months horses have access to Hay Boss Feeders at all times.

Small Group & Private Paddock: fed four times a day all year, and a morning and evening check.

Box Stall: fed four times a day, grain if requested AM/PM feedings.

Secure Individual Tack Locker

At Spirit Horse Stables, we prioritize the security of your equipment with our individual tack lockers. Each rider enjoys a dedicated space to store their gear, ensuring it remains safe, organized, and easily accessible whenever they embark on their equestrian journey. Your tack is as important to us as it is to you, and our secure lockers provide peace of mind for every rider.

Horse Trailer Storage

At Spirit Horse Stables, we understand the convenience of having your horse trailer close at hand. That's why we offer the convenience of on-site horse trailer parking, allowing you to seamlessly load, unload, and embark on your equestrian adventures with ease. Limit of one trailer kept on site.

Access to Heated Indoor Arena & Tack Up/Grooming Area

Elevate your riding experience in our heated indoor arena at Spirit Horse Stables, where the thrill of equestrian pursuits meets the comfort of a controlled environment. Ride, train, and bond with your horse all year round, regardless of the weather, as you indulge in the joy of horsemanship without compromise.

Access to Outdoor Arenas

Embrace the freedom of outdoor riding at Spirit Horse Stables, where our expansive, well-maintained arenas invite you to ride under the open sky. With ample space and meticulously groomed footing, these outdoor arenas offer the perfect setting for refining your equestrian skills, forging a deeper connection with your horse, and enjoying the beauty of nature as you ride.

*Indoor Boarding Perks

Single or group turnout.

Blanket service.

Indulge your horse in comfort and protection with our indoor boarding options at Spirit Horse Stables, ensuring their well-being regardless of the weather.


Vaccination Protocol

We at Spirit Horse stables want to ensure we have the best interest of the horses at heart so the following is our standard of practice. We will require documentation that the vaccines are current.

  • Coggins Test

  • Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis

  • Tetnus

  • West Nile

  • Influenza

  • Rhinopneumonitis (Flu and Rhino every 6 months)

  • Strangles

Note: If your horse is not current on these vaccines a quarantine will be implemented for 4 weeks. This means your horse may not enter the barn or arena. We advise you to vaccinate at home so you are not paying for board and can not access the facility. If your horse is current on the required vaccine we will quarentine your horse for 3 days minimum for observation. Please contact us for further details.

All horses are required to be dewormed 4 times a year.

This protocol does not apply to foals, if you are bringing a foal please contact us for details.

We thank you for your co-operation in this matter. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Farrier Services

We ensure regularily scheduled farrier services are available for Spirit Horse Stables Ltd. client horse(s). You are responsible for holding your horse for the farrier, if this is not possible other arrangements can be made with the management and a holding fee may apply. You are responsible for payment to the farrier unless other arrangements are made with management.

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